As you can probably guess, this quaint little game isn't exactly about sea monsters as the reference in the title implies it is. It is, however, a small scale adventure that takes place on a world almost forgotten, one covered in water due to a faulty drain over the course of the last few thousand years or so.

Coming up with the characters for this underwater water (if you don't catch them: a squid, a fish, and a clam) was quite simple as these were the first creatures that popped into my mind when I thought about how my animations would end up playing out. 

I decided to darken the color palette as the levels/rooms progressed because I figured if our brave hero was to be successful in his journey he would have to dive deeper into the sea, thus lowering the amount of available sunlight.

As odd as it seems, what i'm most proud of is the character design of my Avatar. I grew up playing Halo and it felt great to make a strong and silent hero of my own. 


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